About Us

We provide treatment with specially designed lenses, including specialized reading glasses, prism glasses (including yoked prism glasses for patients on the Autism Spectrum, and with balance and orientation difficulty), and vision therapy recommendations. Typically, our treatment with vision therapy revolves around individualized one-on-one weekly in-office treatment sessions with daily practice at home over a 4 to 6 month time frame. We also provide home programs with once-a-month office visits when appropriate, recommendations for patient's other therapists (especially occupational therapists), and recommendations for teachers to help work around visual impairments.

Our treatment modalities are geared to develop, and maximize an individual's visual function by utilizing lenses, prisms, selective occlusion, and exercises. After evaluating the patients' routine eye health, clarity, and refraction for glasses, we assess the basic visual skills of eye teaming, eye movement, and focusing coordination. When appropriate, we also evaluate the brain's ability to process visual information (visual perceptual skills including reversals in visual direction such as b/d confusion, visual memory, and visualization), and visual motor coordination (eye-hand coordination for ball play, handwriting, and driving).