Vision Therapy Associate of York is a group of professionals dedicated to providing the most comprehensive services to develop, or restore visual functioning.  We are a private practice specializing in behavioral optometry, vision therapy, and vision rehabilitation.  We look, not only at the eye health and optics, but also at the "software" in the brain that coordinates the eyes, and processes visual information.  So we treat individuals with:

  • visual coordination difficulties such as tracking and convergence problems
  • vision related learning problems
  • strabismus (crossed eyes and wondering/drifting eyes)
  • amblyopia (lazy eye)
  • double vision
  • vision issues arising from traumatic brain injuries, concussions, and strokes

Our treatment modalities are geared to develop, and maximize an individual's visual function by utilizing lenses, prisms, selective occlusion, and exercises.  After evaluating the patients' routine eye health, clarity, and refraction for glasses, we assess the basic visual skills of eye teaming, eye movement, and focusing coordination.  When appropriate, we also evaluate the brain's  ability to process visual information (visual perceptual skills including reversals in visual direction such as b/d confusion, visual memory, and visualization), and visual motor coordination (eye-hand coordination for ball play, handwriting, and driving).

We provide treatment with specially designed lenses, including specialized reading glasses, prism glasses (including yoked prism glasses for patients on the Autism Spectrum, and with balance and orientation difficulty), and vision therapy recommendations.  Typically, our treatment with vision therapy revolves around individualized one-on-one weekly in-office treatment sessions with daily practice at home over a 4 to 6 month time frame.  We also provide home programs with once-a-month office visits when appropriate, recommendations for patient's other therapists (especially occupational therapists), and recommendations for teachers to help work around visual impairments.

Our new patient appointments are typically 2 hours, and include (1) an extensive discussion of the current vision issues, health difficulties, and treatments, (2) the evaluation of the visual system from optics to vision processing, and (3) a summary of our findings and recommendations.  We complete a report of our findings, and recommendations to share with the patient, the patient's parents, therapists, and other doctors.  We work with our patients' therapist, neurologist, or teacher in planning treatment, and compensating strategies for academic success, return to work, and return to driving.

Dr. Scott Weaver and his wife Julie started vision therapy in Dr. Weaver's practice in their new building in Dallastown, PA, in 1990, to provide a desperately needed service in York County.  They specialized in treating children with Vision Related Learning Problems.  

In 1992, Dr. Christa Roser joined the practice and expanded the scope of care to include the treatment of strabismus, and amblyopia (eye turns/double vision, and lazy eye).  At this time, Vision Therapy Associates of York was founded as a separate practice, and was one of only 13 practices in the country which was dedicated solely to vision therapy.  

In 1993, the practice expanded into the area of vision rehabilitation of brain injured patients, when Dr. Roser was asked to consult at The Rehab Hospital.  Dr. Robert Hollenbach joined the practice in 2001 to help cover the growing practice's needs with his love of helping children and those with special needs.  

Our staff includes three full time vision therapists who are college graduates, trained extensively in our office, and certified by our international organization the College of Optometrists in Vision Development.  Jane Wood, with her background in psychology, has been with the practice since 1991.  Carol Vallosio-Snyder joined us in 1995 with her background in teaching, and early childhood education.  Beverly Lentz joined us in 2005, coming from a background in education, as well as, experience working with the senior population.

Vision Therapy Associates is located in East York in the Carnegie Professional Campus, and is easily accessible from Routes 30 and 83.

Our mission is to provide the ultimate patient care in the field of Behavioral Optometry in order to enable our patients to see their potential, in a friendly, professional environment.